About the Chicago Community

In 2015, Ignatian Associates started a new community in Chicago! After a two-year formation program, six members made their First Promises with Ignatian Associates in the summer of 2017. That founding group has now begun to grow the Chicago Community. If you live in the Chicago area, we invite you to consider being a member of the Ignatian Associates of Chicago. Joining our community begins with a two-year formation program that includes making the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Contact a member of the Chicago Community at the link below to learn more about our next formation group.

The Ignatian Associates are lay men and women dedicated to integrating Ignatian Spirituality throughout their lives and supporting each other in living out the graces of this Spirituality. Enhancing life, practicing the work of social justice, and engaging in faith sharing are all vital aspects of an IA community. The Chicago community meets approximately twice a month and is not intended to replace a regular parish. Ignatian Associates offers “the magis” (the more) of an intentional community.

All new members begin their formation by completing the Spiritual Exercises Retreat in Daily Life with a spiritual director. This experience grounds the community in a common Ignatian language and worldview and serves to bond members who come from all walks of life. At the end of formation, new community members are invited to take the Promises made by all Ignatian Associates to live a life of Simplicity, Apostolic Availability, and Fidelity to the Gospels and our Associate and Jesuit Companions. These promises are not lifetime vows, and are subject to renewal every one or three years.

For more information on our Chicago Ignatian Associates community, please contact chicago@ignatianassociates.org