Where we are

An important component of who we are as Ignatian Associates is Community Life. While we do not live together, we intentionally gather with other members on a regular basis. Currently over 120 Ignatian Associates belong to one of five communities:

Each community governs itself and is unique in activities and apostolic ministries, while relating to and interacting with members in the other Communities. Associates in each community gather several times a month, with the frequency varying among the communities, for faith sharing, liturgy, celebrations, and discussions. 

Leadership is provided in each community on a rotating basis by Servant Leaders chosen by its members. Each Community also elects a member to serve on the Board of Directors who coordinates issues and concerns affecting all of the Communities.

Once a year, members of the five communities gather all together to

  • share the fruits of our Ignatian Spirituality
  • encourage one another in our ministries
  • support each other in living out our Promises
  • celebrate with those making First Promises or renewing Promises


The Ignatian Associates began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1992, founded by a group of laypeople, encouraged and supported spiritually and financially by the [then] Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus. Individual Jesuits have been our Companions throughout the years. 

In June of 1994 eleven people made the first public Promises in Milwaukee. In 1996 a Community began in Omaha, and one in the Twin Cities in 1999. An Ignatian Associates Community formed in Chicago in 2015, and the Compañeros Ignacianos in Milwaukee began during 2016. 

We believe and trust that the Holy Spirit and St. Ignatius are supporting and encouraging our growth. We are open to supporting the establishment of new IA communities.  If you would like more information on forming a new community in your area, or joining one of our current communities, please contact us