About the Omaha Community

The Omaha community was birthed in 1997 with Jesuit companions from Creighton University. Since then is has grown far beyond the university to welcome over 35 members across Omaha.

The Omaha IA community is a multigenerational community with single and married lay men and women ranging from their 20s to their 80’s with lots of children included. We inspire each other, we walk with each other, we laugh with each other, and we sustain each other through the challenges of living out our faith. We attend different parishes and welcome anyone who seeks to grow in Ignatian Spirituality.

We gather monthly as a full community for ongoing growth in Ignatian Spirituality and shared action. We attend spiritual direction personally and meet regularly in smaller faith sharing groups. We have annual days of reflection, shared liturgies, lots of potlucks, and continual opportunities to together venture deeper into our relationship with God.

Each IA has their own apostolate from raising children to working in a Jesuit work (such as Creighton Prep High School or Creighton University) to work in traditional jobs, all viewed through the lens of calling in service to others. We support each other in our individual callings to serve and promote justice and in doing so learn from and inspire each other to continue this Ignatian journey.

To contact a leader of the Omaha community, write to omaha@ignatianassociates.org subject line “Omaha inquiry.”

Applications for the Omaha Community Now Being Accepted